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Kathy’s New CD!!

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“Kathy was the featured act at the BaseLine Folk Society, and she was a delight.  Her songs have heart and humor.”

Maggie Zakem

BaseLine Folk Society

Kathy Wieland’s poignant songs make me want to hold my loved one close. I want to be the autoharp cradled in her arms.  Her commanding strum eases my pulse, lulls me to smile.
John D. Lamb

Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters

Kathy’s songs are full of clever wordplay and deep sentiment. They’ll stay in your head — and in your heart.
Bob Grappel and Linda Cohen

Mt. Laurel Autoharp Gathering

Finally retired from my day job, I’m thrilled to have more time for music. After more than 10 years in the duo, “Katseye” with Kathy Gravlin, I am mostly a solo act these days. Katseye produced two CDs that feature many of my original songs including award-winners Makin’ Lemonade and I Don’t Think You Think of Me That Way“.
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